Upper-Mid-Lower Back Pain


Only a couple things in life will ruin your day comparatively the way that back pain will. Initially starting with the very familiar twinge located in the areas of your back that even your own arms and hands usually can’t touch, then proceeded with a radiating pain that makes even the most routine chores likely impossible. Do these sound familiar? Struggling carrying the bags of groceries? Can't bend over to tie your shoes? How about attempting to get off your chair to stand up? All of these can be challenging to perform with any type of back pain.

Regardless of which your problems come from, low back pain or mid back pain, the end result is much of the same. You are out of action for numerous days, in the best of imaginable scenarios, and left to pray that a good dose of staying in bed will remedy what ails you. Of course, in this day and age, there is a dedicated group of experts locally that are prepared to share their professional expertise, and they really can feel & understand your pain. These miracle workers called chiropractors have dedicated hundreds of hours of studying their respected craft, and they are waiting to provide you with a diverse range of non-invasive treatments that can return you to normal in no time.

“If you have serious back pain, it's time for you to come in” is a proper motto for the chiropractic clinic, and is something doctors often tell to first time and returning clients. So if you're in pain, schedule a chiropractic appointment through whatever means is most convenient for you. Whether you make an online booking, or a simple phone call to the chiropractor's office, understand that the doctor along with his professional team really does understand your pain.

After all, because of lower back pain alone, the experts estimate more than a $50 billion drain yearly on the United States economy made through workers’ compensation claims and the lost work productivity. This makes back pain alone the reigning disability culprit where those compensation claims are concerned. Equally daunting, back pain is the second leading cause of missed work days.

So then, what exactly causes back pain in the first place? The reasons behind the pain & suffering are diverse, and almost a mystery. Where low back pain is concerned, the true cause remains unknown in 80 percent of cases. While many different tissues could be involved, the diagnosis is usually termed “non specific back pain.” Contributing factors may include incomplete rehabilitation of past injuries, presence of lumbar spine subluxations, improper lifting techniques, car accidents, improper workstation set-up, poor posture, physical inactivity, scoliosis, smoking and poor diet. Regarding mid back pain, likely causes include increased work demand, decreased physical activity, prolonged sitting, failure to seek care following injury, bad posture and improper lifting techniques.

No matter the cause, it is reassuring to know back pain issues can be successfully addressed on a chiropractor’s treatment table. Employing treatments like non surgical spinal decompression, MLS Class IV laser therapy, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (P.E.M.F.) therapy, massage therapy and more, your chiropractor can likely relieve much of the pain your suffering through a handful of treatments.


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